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Youth Views: Describe the last time you did something nice for someone.

Marquis Ellis, sophomore
Bishop Loughlin M.H.S.
One time, I emailed my friend a song that I wrote and I produced myself, for his birthday. The song wasn’t specifically for him, but the song did end up making his birthday. It felt good to make someone’s day.

Beatriz Torres, sophomore
Bishop Loughlin M.H.S.
I cheered someone up. I felt glad I could be able to make someone happy.


Gia Walcott, junior
Bishop Loughlin M.H.S
The last time I did something nice for someone was when I watched my younger cousin when my aunt was too busy.


Alana Lastique, freshman
Bishop Loughlin M.H.S
I waited for my brother’s bus with him for his school trip so he wouldn’t feel lonely. It made him feel more relaxed.

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