Catholic Schools Week 2017

Xaverian High School

Internship Program Takes Students to New Heights

The Internship Program at Xaverian (IPAX) is a dynamic opportunity for rising juniors in the Honors Program at the Bay Ridge school to learn about a wide variety of careers in hands-on, real world experiences with talented professionals.

Designed to help students make well-informed decisions about their future majors in college and investigate potential career paths, IPAX places students with mentors (who are quite often Xaverian alumni) in their desired professional areas of interest. The list of partner organizations is constantly growing, and includes the areas of architecture and engineering, journalism, law, business, medicine and dentistry, arts and culture, politics, military and law enforcement.

Reflecting on his internship experience with Major League Baseball, senior Stefano Priante said: “My internship in marketing with Major League Baseball was more than a home run – it was a life-changing experience. I was able to make connections I never thought possible, in a field I never thought 17-year-old me would be involved in. I was an integral player in the conception of their social media campaign for the World Baseball Classic. I was able to learn the skills necessary to achieve my goals through day to day work experience, lectures from the commissioner of baseball himself, and meaningful conversations with my mentor, Dominick Balsamo, a Xaverian Alum who took me under his wing.”

Kathleen Coen, whose son, Patrick ’14, is currently majoring in engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy, applauds Xaverian’s Internship Program, saying, “One of the most enriching aspects of my son’s time at Xaverian was his internship at Greenman Pederson Engineering.
Patrick and another student were mentored by a Partner there who provided a fascinating insight into the daily workings of a major Engineering firm. They gained exclusive access to a high security project to protect the Brooklyn Bridge from terrorist attacks. They toured the construction site at the World Trade Center. After each visit, Patrick would talk for days about how interesting it was.”


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