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Xaverian Goes to Huntington on Retreat

Kairos group shot

Xaverian H.S., Bay Ridge, held its first Kairos Retreat in Huntington, L.I.

Kairos, Greek for “God’s time,” is a unique four-day retreat offered at high schools and colleges across the country. It encourages students to examine who they are, and to better understand their relationships with others and with God.

A group Xaverian seniors served as leaders in the retreat alongside their teachers for 49 juniors and seniors.

“It was truly an amazing spiritual journey and learning experience for everyone involved,” said senior leader Christopher Cali. “This experience has allowed us to grow closer together as a Xaverian community and family. What made this retreat even more special was the way that it brought together kids from all different parts of the school and encouraged them to forge unexpected friendships.”

“Being able to head start this retreat program has been an honor,” said Erin Schneider, science teacher. “Kairos is a powerful retreat that really touches the lives of the faculty involved just as much as it reaches the students.”

“The retreat was a beautiful and moving experience,” Joseph Principato, another senior leader, said. “It’s an amazing feeling to know I had such a positive impact on the faith of my Xaverian brothers.”

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