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World Youth Day 2011 Patron Saints

Ten Spanish saints have been named patrons of the upcoming WYD in Madrid, Spain, Aug. 16-21. During these final weeks leading up to this festival of faith, check here to learn more about these holy men and women.

St. Rafael Arnaiz: WYD’s Youngest Saint

Dates: April 9, 1911 – April 26, 1934

Feast Day: April 26

Known for: humility, surrender to God’s will, artistic talent, joy, a good sense of humor, desire to live in order to love Jesus, Mary, the Cross, and his Trappist monastery

Vocation Story: Consecrated to Our Lady of Pilar as a child, he discerned his vocation while studying architecture in Madrid, where he came into contact with the Cistercian Trappist Monastery of St. Isidro de Duenas (Palencia). He entered the Trappist Order but subsequently fell sick with diabetes, causing him to leave three times. His last words before dying at age 27 were “take me, and give Yourself to the world.”

Teaching: Sanctity should not be confused with perfectionism. Perfectionism is focusing all of one’s efforts into working without failures or mistakes. However, holiness, he said, is the acceptance, for the love of God, of our strengths and little “achievements,” as well as our limitations and errors.

Imitate the saint: Abandon yourself into the hands of God, embrace suffering with joy, and let your happiness be in God. — courtesy www.madrid11.com