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World Day of the Poor

A homeless man is seen feeding pigeons as he sits on a sidewalk Oct. 30 in New York City. Pope Francis will celebrate the Catholic Church’s first World Day of the Poor Nov. 19. (CNS photo/Jason Szenes, EPA)

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio has written to all pastors and administrators in the diocese asking that they observe Pope Francis’ request to celebrate Sunday, Nov. 19, as the First World Day of the Poor. The Holy Father’s message in several languages can be read on the Vatican website (

The bishop recommended that in each parish the following petitions be included in the Prayer of the Faithful:

“For the world’s poor, may their dignity be celebrated and the world’s more fortunate extend them a hand to lift them from poverty, we pray to the Lord.”

“For all believers, that embracing the call of the Gospel, they might forgo the pleasure of riches and embrace a simple lifestyle that others might simply live, we pray to the Lord.”