Love the Lord by Loving the Poor, Pope Says at Mass

Wars, famine and calamities of every kind can tempt Christians to a paralyzing fear that the world is about to end; what they must do instead is act, even in a small way, to make the world a better place, Pope Francis said.


At World Day of the Poor Mass, Pope Francis Says Take a Close Look at Most Vulnerable

In his homily at a Mass for the World Day of the Poor Nov. 14, the pontiff said that true Christian hope is not “the naive, even adolescent optimism of those who hope things may change” but is instead built daily through concrete gestures that manifest “the kingdom of love, justice and fraternity that Jesus inaugurated.”

Assisi Pilgrimage With the Poor: Pope Calls for Open Hands, Open Hearts

With a pilgrim’s staff and mantle, Pope Francis entered Assisi’s Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels with 500 economically or socially disadvantaged people and the volunteers who walk alongside them. The pontiff’s pilgrimage to Assisi Nov. 12 was dedicated totally to the poor in preparation for the celebration Nov. 14 of the World Day of the Poor.

World Day of the Poor

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio has written to all pastors and administrators in the diocese asking that they observe Pope Francis’ request to celebrate Sunday, Nov. 19, as the First World Day of the Poor.