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Who Should Pay for the Mother Cabrini Statue?

Dear Editor: I plan to be there for the procession on Oct. 6th (“Mother Cabrini, a Heroine Who Should Be Recognized,” Sept. 28).

My only regret is thinking that we have to raise the funds for such, when the “She Built NYC” committee has $10,000,000 set aside for such statues in our City. The taxpayers are paying for other statues, and why not Mother Cabrini? That is the question to be answered by the Office of the Mayor and it is not political but rather needed for greater transparency as to the entire project that invited nominations and Mother Cabrini receiving the highest number of votes.

We ask: Why is there not a statue of Mother Cabrini going up in our city under the auspices of the SheBuiltNYC projects? Mother Cabrini surely was one of the first builders in so many ways, especially in the area of immigration and social work.

Joseph Sciame
New Hyde Park

Editor’s note: Sciame is president of the Sons of Italy Foundation and National Past President of the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (OSDIA).

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