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Who Are the Victims of Human Trafficking?

The Tablet Staff

According to the “Global Report on Trafficking in Persons,” the most common form of human trafficking (79 percent) is sexual exploitation — and the victims are predominantly women and girls — followed by forced labour (18 percent).

Since the Americas are prominent as the origin and destination of victims of human trafficking, here’s a look at the most vulnerable groups: 

>> Low-income and affected areas

Traffickers tend to prey on individuals who come from communities with high rates of poverty and hardship where members rely on welfare and public services. Communities that have been
subject to natural disasters, political turmoil, or conflict are more likely to be targeted for trafficking.

>> Troubled children and juveniles

Children who have experienced emotional and physical neglect are more susceptible to grooming by a trafficker. Also, those involved in the foster care system are especially prone to becoming victims of trafficking, as well as children who have been exposed to violence or drug and alcohol use in their home.

>> Immigrants

Immigrants both legal and illegal are often targeted for forced debt bondage, either for forced labor or sex trafficking.

If you suspect someone to be a victim of human trafficking or may have identified a potential trafficker, use these resources to anonymously report your

National Human Trafficking Hotline
CALL 1-888-373-7888
TEXT 233733
TTY (Hearing Impaired) 711