What Women’s History Month Means To Us

For Women’s History Month, eighth-grade students at St. Saviour Catholic Academy, Park Slope, created ‘word art’ projects to highlight the contributions of women in history and contemporary society. Each artist wrote a brief summary of what his or her art represents.

Click the image to see their art in full size:

– Word art by Gabby, St. Saviour Catholic Academy.

“The reason I chose my background is because blue represents beauty and power, while the color purple represents royalty. In addition to this, I chose the words creative, motivated, intelligent, inspirational, and hardworking to describe women because I think that these words best describe Women’s History Month. Lastly, I used a ballerina as my picture to include my words because this is just one of the many talents women can accomplish.” – Gabby

– Word art by Elizabeth, St. Saviour Catholic Academy.

“I chose these words because I thought they were powerful and represent women. I chose this shape because I thought that it represented Women’s History Month and being together as strong women.” – Elizabeth

– Word art by Grace, St. Saviour Catholic Academy.

“I was inspired to make a ballerina full of positive adjectives. It describes women and how empowering and inspiring they are. I chose to do a ballerina silhouette because it reminded me of Misty Copeland, a very strong symbol for strong women.” – Grace

– Word art by Robert, St. Saviour Catholic Academy.

“My inspiration was mainly important women throughout history, like Amelia Earhart and Rosa Parks.” – Robert

– Word art by Sierra, St. Saviour Catholic Academy.

“My inspiration was to do a heart of positive words to show that women are loved and at the end of the day, we are all equal. I chose the words “strong, brave and hope” because women worked hard to get where they are today.” – Sierra

– Word art by Francesca, St. Saviour Catholic Academy.

“I chose these words because I thought that it best reflected women throughout history. I also chose this picture because I think it shows how caring and motherly women are.” – Francesca

– Word art by Gavin, St. Saviour Catholic Academy.

“I chose the heart with the arrow to show that love comes back to anybody who spreads it. I chose the words “love, equal, together and everyone” to show that everyone is together no matter what happens.” – Gavin

– Word art by Seth, St. Saviour Catholic Academy.

“I chose this and I gained inspiration from it because these women made an impact on sports.  They did everything in their power to make sure that children can do anything they put their mind to.” – Seth

– Word art by Ellen, St. Saviour Catholic Academy.

“The reason I chose this design was because the umbrella fights all the rain and the rain symbolizes hate against women. The umbrella is like a shield and a safe place where women can do whatever they want.” – Ellen

– Word art by Nate, St. Saviour Catholic Academy.


“The symbol is the symbol of Venus, otherwise known as the feminine symbol. The words in the symbol are about how women are equal to men.” – Nate