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What One Priest Can Do

Dear Editor: Thank you for Ed Wilkinson’s uplifting article, “Mother Teresa Visited Brooklyn Many Times,” (August 31), which recounts the devotion a Catholic priest has had for now St. Teresa of Calcutta and her Missionaries of Charity who have impacted the lives of scores of women and their children in the diocese.

Those of us who have been in Msgr. Joe Nugent’s various parishes subsequent to Our Lady of Victory can attest to his solicitude for the missionaries. When he was at St. Vincent Ferrer, a water tank in the Sisters’ convent broke and Father Joe got out the call to help out which he and the parish did.

Every Christmas and spring, he invites current parishioners to donate gifts useful to young mothers and babies. Always a tremendous response.

The Editor’s Space also made reference to “My Father’s House” program to rehabilitate men with substance abuse problems that Father Joe started more than 40 years ago which received the blessing of St. Teresa.

The article is testament to the profound impact a single priest can have. It also gives credit to the works of charity fostered by this historic parish in central Brooklyn.


East Flatbush

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