Our Youth

What is a virtue or value should we strive for as a country?

yv-aalexandreAmanda Alexandre, sophomore
Bishop Kearney H.S.

As a country we should strive for equality and peace. As much chaos as there is in the world, we should be able to still feel like one country at the end of the day.






yv-jacJosey Allayna Cruz, sophomore
Nazareth R.H.S.

The U.S. should strive for compassion, trust and humility. In order for a community to be successful, there should be some type of understanding of each other instead of focusing on just economics or politics.





yv-deDanielle Esposito, junior
Bishop Kearney H.S.

A virtue that we, as a country should strive for is patience. In today’s world, technology allows for almost everything to be instantaneous and I fear that this may be diminishing our patience.





yv-ep2Evani Polanco, junior
Bishop Loughlin M.H.S.

A value we should strive for as a country is forgiveness. Instead of harming each other, we should come together, forgive each other and create peace in our country.