Letters to the Editor

We Can Move Mountains

Dear Editor: Bishop DiMarzio, in his brilliant speech to the Cathedral Club (Put Out Into the Deep, Feb.16) calls elected official to be the voice of Christ in the halls of power and for us to support candidates who reflect good moral values.

Together with our prayers and witnessing we can move mountains. I would also like to recommend some additional actions we can take as Catholic citizens of New York State.

  1. There are 1,500 parishes in New York State. If we held continuing assemblies outside the State Capitol five days a week, we can have five parishes representing our protest to the Reproductive Health Act each day for a full year. A statewide calendar should be developed assigning the days and parishes for each day. Buses will leave those parishes in the morning.
  2. Require that all Catholic high school and junior high students be taught a meaningful anti-abortion curriculum that not only includes the scientific facts of developing life, but also uncovers to the students the widespread abortion industry. The rationale of “right to life” found in the Constitution and in natural law must also be taught.
  3. Send our children to Catholic colleges that truly reflect and teach classical higher learning in an atmosphere of faith, and with the profound mission of strengthening the voice and activism of young Catholics as they enter the workforce.
  4. Refuse to vote for any candidate who is not pro-life for the next three election cycles in New York State and in the Federal system.

This is doable!


Islip, NY