Letters to the Editor

‘Virtually Silent’ on Blacks

Dear Editor: The excellent article (Feb. 10) on the views of Bishop George V. Murray, S.J., attempts to answer why many Catholics are progressive toward the poor who are Hispanic, but are reactionary to the poor in black America. He really focuses on the failure of Church leadership to condemn systemic racism. As a Catholic, I am proud of the Church’s strong advocacy of poor Hispanics but I agree that the advocacy for poor blacks in our country is “virtually silent.” I personally know of some priests and religious who speak out and are actively involved in supporting policies aimed at diminishing racial inequality and in ministries to poor blacks beyond usual church functions.

But generally the Church leadership is not setting the example. Bishop Murray delineates a long history over the decades of Church leadership which did the opposite. In this present time of negative events regarding Hispanics, Jews and other minorities, Bishop Murray said, “the discussion on racial equality must run much deeper if we are to be true to the principles of our country and the faith on which they are based.” I agree wholeheartedly and pray that all bishops will act on this.