Violence in New Zealand

The violence that occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand, against worshippers in a mosque, orchestrated by an individual, a true domestic terrorist, who was a white supremacist, leaving behind a lengthy manifesto, was truly horrific.

The Muslim people who were massacred were simply present to pray. They were murdered by a madman who had a warped agenda. This massacre has shown the worst that can be found in humanity. And yet, simultaneously, we saw the entire community in New Zealand, from the Prime Minister to the common citizen in the street who lent her cell phone to a victim, represent the best of humanity.

It is particularly distressing to see people at people come under attack.  Churches, synagogues and mosques are real targets.  Who could have foreseen the day when houses of worship must be guarded by armed peace keepers in order for people to practice their faith. With the holiest days of the year about to be observed, we hope sanity prevails and everyone can worship in peace.

It also is truly sad to see that some in government and the media are using this event to turn this tragedy into a political matter. That is not the point of discussion right now. What needs to be done is to pray for the repose of the souls of these victims, for their families, for the first responders to this scene, and for that nation as a whole.