Letters to the Editor

Unreasonable Gridironer

Dear Editor: I, for one, am more than just disappointed in Colin Kaepernick.

I just cannot fathom how a grown man cannot understand that his actions were not a total attack and a spit in the face to veterans and American patriots.

What kind of thinking would make him think that he would gather help for his cause or advance empathy for his complaints, by insulting the majority of his fans.

It gets me to think that he just has not reached the age of reason yet. I would like to suggest he read the bestselling book “Flags of Our Fathers” by James Bradley, so he will understand what the flag stands for and what price was paid to place that flag on Mount Suribachi. It is even on the Moon.

Yes, so maybe our country is not always perfect, but to tear out the rug from underneath the symbols of our noble goals and dreams is stupid.

Albert Einstein said it pretty well when asked the difference between genius and stupidity, he said, “Stupidity has no limits.”


Jackson Heights