Letters to the Editor

Tribute to Msgr. Rodgers


As I was acting as the parish accountant, I would see him reading the Divine Office in Latin. He told me he did so because he didn’t want to forget the language.

He would tirelessly work on his Spanish, and especially his Sunday homilies in Spanish, because he had a great devotion to the Latino Apostolate and the Cursillo movement.

He also had a great passion for Bering cigars and Italian cuisine. His favorite place to eat was Monte’s Venetian Room on Carroll Street.

He would correspond with a brother priest in Scotland where it is customary to write PP after the priest’s name. Monsignor said that was his own favorite title: Parish Priest.

He was a brilliant and good man, and a great priest.

May he rest in peace.


Marlboro, N.J.

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