Letters to the Editor

Tougher for Today’s Immigrants

Dear Editor: Our ancestors had it difficult, but never had to endure what today’s immigrants are enduring through media and public scrutiny by monsters such as Trump and the Tea Party.

Today’s immigrants work just as hard as our ancestors did and they are here for the same reasons. If you read or study history, you would know that the Italians and Irish were treated the same way as the Latinos are being treated today. The difference is that in those days, it was Ford, Carnegie, Vanderbilt and men of that ilk and not Trump screaming.

If Trump is so worried about the border, why doesn’t he talk about the Canadian border?

The terrorists of 9/11 came through the northern border, not the southern one.

How soon we forget where we come from, given a few generations of prosperity.


One thought on “Tougher for Today’s Immigrants

  1. The important word is “Illegal” .Other immigrants were all legal. They were not accepted if they had even a minor health issue. Someone had to swear they would not be an economic burden. No one gave them anything for free they relied on families and Italian societies to help them . Todays illegal and legal expect to get everything and taxpayers have to foot the bill. Trump 2016