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Together 2016’ Aims to Draw 1 Million People of Faith to National Mall July 16

WASHINGTON (CNS) – Nick Hall hopes to see 1 million Americans of all faiths come together around Jesus on the National Mall in Washington July 16. Hall is founder of a student-led evangelism movement called PULSE, based in Minneapolis, and the organizer of “Together 2016,” as the event is called.

“We are wanting to build bridges and relationships between religions because there are a lot of misunderstandings,” he told Catholic News Service (CNS). “Although we will not agree on everything, there are things that we can come together on and hopefully Jesus is one of them.”

Through social media, PULSE has shared a video of Pope Francis inviting people to attend “Together 2016.” The pope’s message of invitation came out of a two-hour meeting that Hall, a Protestant, had with the pope June 9.

In the video, the pope talks about “restlessness and how a lot of us are struggling with searching for Him (God) in different things and how Jesus is the answer for that restlessness,” Hall said.