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There Is Crying in Baseball

Dear Editor: Jim Mancari really hit one out of the park with his recent column “There Is Crying in Baseball, After All” (Aug. 22).

I’ve been a Mets’ fan since 1962 when I lived in Brooklyn. It’s been said that when we die, Mets’ fans go straight to Heaven and not to Purgatory. We have been through Hell already.

Let’s hope that this October, as Jim said, we will shed tears of joy.

I enjoy Jim’s columns very much. Keep up the good work.


Brick, N.J.


Dear Editor: Thank you for Jim Mancari’s excellent column on Wilmer Flores of the Mets.

While I also thought “there’s no crying in baseball” initially, I too believe he was truly upset about having to leave the only organization he’s known.

So we have taken this as a good point to make with our kids that it is OK to show emotion when your heart’s in the right place.

Let’s go Mets!



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