The Tablet Jr.

The Tablet Jr.: The Future of the Catholic Press

When The Tablet Jr. makes its debut in two weeks, students from our Catholic schools and academies will have a new platform to share their experiences and hopes with their classmates and their peers in Brooklyn and Queens. We at The Tablet want to read your stories in your voices.

Each year we are impressed by the variety and quality of the entries we receive for The Tablet High School Press Awards. Our Catholic schools are the best in the city, and the stories sent to our competition show the high-quality education our students receive. We have some very talented young journalists in the diocese.

The Tablet team knows that, and we want to share their stories with the whole Tablet family — our readership in Brooklyn and Queens … and 48 different states, Italy and even the Philippines. 

And more importantly, we want our students to have an effective way to share their stories with the rest of the diocese. We will select the best stories for The Tablet Jr., and, trust me, those stories will be must-reads.

During the last year, we have revamped our website and social media outlets. But we also need to find the reporters, photographers and influencers who will be part of the Catholic press during the next decades.

In that sense, The Tablet Jr. will be a channel for our young people to get a taste of what it means to be a Catholic reporter. So, for some of you, it could be the beginning of a lifelong vocation.

Being Catholic requires that we share the message of Jesus Christ. But you can’t share the message if you don’t speak the language of your audience. And nobody speaks the language of the young generations like you, the young people of our diocese.

Young people are passionate about the truth. But in today’s world sometimes it becomes difficult to tell which sources are reliable. The Tablet Jr. will give young people the opportunity to be in the driver seat and produce content that reflects their values and interests.

Yes, The Tablet has been the paper of the Catholic families in this diocese for more than a century. Now we want to reach out to the younger part of the family.

Each generation faces its challenges in a different way, and each generation sees the world with its own perspective.

That’s what we want our young collaborators to relay in their stories for The Tablet Jr. What does it mean to be a young Catholic in Brooklyn or Queens in 2020? What are you passionate about? How would you like your school to improve in the coming years? What is your favorite video game or your favorite Bible story?

Invite your parents and your teachers to subscribe to The Tablet if they haven’t done so already. I am sure that they want to read your stories — as we want to publish them. I know you want to change the world for the better. The Tablet Jr. is an opportunity to express those dreams, and we want to support you as you do that.

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