The Tablet Jr.

The Tablet Jr.: Keeping the Tradition

DeSales Media Group’s Laura Hickey visited the first school that will have its students’ work published in The Tablet Jr. (Photo: Melissa Enaje)

By Laura Hickey, Sr. Instructional Media Specialist, CTN

I grew up in the Diocese of Brooklyn, and so I know that everyone knows The Tablet! It was used as a supplemental resource when I was a student. It was also a big part of my parish and Catholic tradition.

It was the place to find Catholic stories and news from the parishes. In the last few years, I watched as my four children appeared in issues: CYO wins, Hall of Fames, special school events, etc.

But I realized that reading the paper was not as traditional for them as it was for me. I also know The Tablet from my years teaching in the Diocese of Brooklyn. In 1990, I began my career in the diocese, teaching social studies and religion to grades 7 and 8 at St. Cecilia School. I was also a CCD teacher for grades 5-6. I often used The Tablet as a supplemental resource in class.

When I started my job at CTN, I saw the need for more religious resources, but more importantly, I felt the need to bring back the tradition of The Tablet to our children.

CTN provides religion videos to schools and parishes. They are a great resource used by many. I saw a need to provide schools/parishes with print-rich materials that can motivate and engage students in class.

We began to brainstorm ways we could reach the students. We thought, who better to reach them than their own peers? How about a newspaper that is mostly created by students for students? 

We thought about how teachers/parents could use articles for discussions about our faith. We also thought of how the children could use some fun activities in class and at home.

And now that vision is becoming a reality with The Tablet Jr.!

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