Letters to the Editor

The Spirit of the Age

Dear Editor: Recent letters say Jesuit  Father James Martin merely seeks respect and compassion for gays. Yet Father Martin has avoided inviting them to repentance and reminding them of Our Lord’s, “Go and sin no more.” He rationalizes his attitude with the sophistry that because homosexuals don’t agree with Church doctrine, it means they haven’t “received it,” and therefore are not bound by it.

In his recent book, he has adopted numerous absurdities including the cliché that anyone who opposes gay marriage is secretly gay, but unable to admit this to themselves. His attacks on Catholic orthodoxy infer that truth is changeable, an inherently atheistic concept, and he insists that the Church make gay marriage a sacrament. But despite his gays can do no wrong posturing, he does not advance respect for reality.

Catholics live within a tide of emotional cultural tyranny that sanctions homosexualism, a radical ideology that sanctimoniously treats those resistant to endorsing homosexual “lifestyles” as bigoted and ignorant of what is culturally presented as an “evolving” acceptance of such behavior.

It is not unexpected that vast numbers of gays enthusiastically support “abortion rights.” And it is not surprising that public figures or organizations that merely express the belief that marriage is between a man and a woman are getting sued for “hate crimes.”

And most sadly, it is no longer surprising that many Catholics, never substantially educated in the faith but desensitized by a half century of defying Catholic truth in their own lives, including God’s place in planning their families, are too willing to accept and promote the spirit of the age.