Letters to the Editor

The Spirit Breathes

Dear Editor: Re: the extraordinary Synod. First of all, the only conclusion that it came to was to end Oct. 18. The Holy Father will study all the recommendations and will give the official results next year before the Ordinary Synod in October.

All are welcome into the Church. No one was ever rejected because of their lifestyles. The Bible cannot be rewritten, and, as Jesus said, “Anyone who loves me obeys my commandments.”

This teaching cannot be changed, even by the pope. Since we all are sinners who are not worthy to receive the Body and Blood of Christ, we know that to receive the Eucharist worthily, we must be in the state of grace.

Cardinal Kasper, a liberal, wants to change that, but he happens to be in the minority. Cardinal Burke, on the other hand, gave all the cardinals a book about being true to Christ’s teachings, and most of the cardinals agreed with that.

All of the topics that came up have to be evaluated by the pope and the magisterium. The first pope, Peter, exhorted us to obey God, not men. The Holy Spirit was at that Synod, and whatever the outcome, we have to trust and live Christ!

Bay Ridge