Letters to the Editor

The Real Hypocrisy

Dear Editor: Kudos and right on with your As The Tablet Sees It, “A Path to Justice”, Feb. 23 piece. You put our less than illustrious governor right on the wall of “Anti-Catholic Shame on You.” I have been speaking and writing about this blatant, pre-meditated assault on Christ’s Church since the 90s when the abuse scandal first arose. Our entire Church was being framed and set-up and by a small, but driven group of anti-Catholic dregs and the bottom feeding main stream press and media trash.

As noted in your piece, the real hypocrisy, lies in the obvious one-sided tenacity, deliberate lack of factual reporting, biased litigation, predatory and often, totally amoral news reporting, aimed at the organized Protestant, Hebrew and other church groups and public schools, child care groups and institutional agencies.

Research again would show that on a per capita average these groups assaulted far more victims than our priests. This absolves or lessens none of the crimes of our priests, but does in fact, prove the extent of the anti-Catholicism, which drives this assault upon our Church. The standard fare of prejudiced and virulent reporting is spewed by the “new age” odious hucksters, who love to hate our Church. In light of Cuomo’s new law, just how aggressively the reporting and litigation of sexual abuse by groups (religious, secular and public) other than our Church, will be undertaken by the media and legal authorities? Pray for our Church and clergy unfairly accused and defamed. There is no justice or objective reporting or fact here.


Breezy Point