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The Question Many Are Asking: Where Is God?

Dear Editor: Lately, several friends and neighbors, who normally would be considered God-fearing, strong Christians and/or Catholics, are asking a painful and soul-searing question, “Why?”

Why would a loving God allow this hideous disease’s assault on mankind to continue, seemingly targeting anyone, good, bad or without rhythm or reason — anyone unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Why doesn’t God, simply snap His divine finger and wipe out this vile pestilence? We have been taught, since childhood, that God is all-loving and powerful. He can do anything at any time. Why not now?

It is a fair and legitimate question, but a question based on man’s values. I believe, that when God created us, He also instilled in us free will and knowledge.

God will not step in and solve our human errors. Our creation in part was a test of our unconditional love and fidelity to God.

Here we are on this nebulous spinning blue and green orb, floating through God’s cosmos, each day encountering tests of our love and fidelity to God, but also and much more importantly, our fellow sisters and brothers. Some need our love, help, and support and we need some of their help, love, and support. God expects us to be His instruments and messengers of love.

We are in the midst of this pandemic and in our humanity feel helpless at times, but even if we can’t do much to defeat it physically, mentally or medically, we can put a dent in it by frequent, fervent, humble prayer. This may be the reason God put us here to begin with.

God can do it with a snap of His fingers, but I believe, that He is giving this opportunity to be part of His plan of salvation. Don’t miss the boat.

Bob Fallon

Breezy Point

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