Letters to the Editor

The Quality of Mercy

Dear Editor: I am so glad to see the article (Oct. 7) written by Father John Catoir.

We seldom hear priests mention the existence of Satan and this gives him incredible strength and power to get more victims to accompany him in hell because our behavior comes to the point that there is no consequence for sins since hell does not exist.

A priest told me that I should not be surprised to find Hitler in heaven because God is merciful. I am not in a position to judge Hitler. But He is a just God. The blood of the victims in the concentration camp cries out for justice just as the blood of the victims of the massacre in Nevada, the victims of 9/11 cry out for justice. In Genesis 4:10, God said to Cain, “Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the soil!”

God is kind and merciful and forgives us more than 70 times seven. But Satan really exists and he wants to grab as many souls as he can to accompany him in hell by infiltrating our minds to do whatever we like without any consequence.

The Church can save more souls if articles like this can be brought to the attention of the priests as well as to the laity.