Letters to the Editor

The Plight of Persecuted Christians in Nigeria

Dear Editor: An article on The Tablet called attention to the plight of Christians in northern Nigeria and the efforts of Father Joseph Bature Fidelis to help  (“Nigerian Priest Urges Western Leaders to Help Christians in His Country,” March 21).

Our diocese did right to send Church-in-Need funds to Maiduguri to assist all persons harmed by the violence there.

In the ‘70s, I spent two years teaching English in Maiduguri at the then-new university. Our department head, Dr. Dominic Daly, an Augustinian priest from Ireland, was much appreciated by the students and indeed died there and was buried in the Catholic churchyard. Kudos to Father Fidelis and his important work to provide relief and promote harmony in northern Nigeria.

Virginia Jama 

Jamaica, Queens