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The Memory of Those Days

Dear Editor: I would like to prayerfully congratulate Msgr. John F. Casey on his 65 year Anniversary as a Priest (“Priests Are Marking Their 65th, 60th Anniversaries,” May 25).

As a very young priest, I believe, he served in St. Patricks Long Island City. My sister and I got to know Fr. Casey at that time, she attended school there. I would like to hear from Msgr. Casey and also ask him to remember me in his prayers.

Back then, in 1957, an unexpected, unfortunate event occurred in our family. Fr. Casey came to our home to offer prayerful assistance to my family, the memory of those days has been with me for a lifetime.

May God continue to Bless you as you have touched the lives of so many during all these years.


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