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The Latin Mass

Dear Editor: Veronica Ganzos made a plea for more Latin Masses because they are inclusive and bring parishioners of different backgrounds together (Bring Back the Latin Mass, Readers’ Forum, Nov. 3).

That point is absolutely correct and is one reason the Latin Mass, now known as Mass in the Extraordinary Form, is coming back.

The Extraordinary Form is not a relic of the past. It is a living form of the Roman Rite, and religious Orders (male and female), monasteries and seminaries are using it as the liturgical basis of spiritual life. All Catholics should experience Mass in the Extraordinary Form. Thankfully they have an increasing opportunity to do as parishes like St. Josaphat in Bayside.

I suggest new attendees sit toward the back and observe postures of the priest and the parishioners. Don’t try to follow the Missal at first. Some parts like, the Sanctus Angus Dei and Consecration, will seem familiar. Many parts will not. Give it time, attend more than once, ask a priest or altar server questions. Most importantly, mediate prayerfully, and your sensus Catholicus will do the rest.

Soon you will find yourself moving closer to the altar uniting yourself with Christ’s Holy Sacrifice in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

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Dear Editor: I recently sent to the Readers’ Forum a letter titled “Bring Back the Latin Mass” (Nov. 3), about how changing to English has changed our community. We now also have Masses in Korean, Spanish and Italian. Instead of including everyone in one Mass, the Church is separating them. Why?

All nationalities came to Latin Mass, why has the English Mass made the necessity to offer other languages and separate us? We are more segregated than ever before. People were absorbed in this country many ways, the Church being one of the most important ways of doing that.

I now attend a parish that only offers English, not because I want to be segregated, but because I want to be part of a community that embraces everyone. One Sunday I may be sitting with a lovely Philippine family, or an Asian family, or a Hispanic family.

We all stay for the complete Mass, and greet each other after Mass. It is so enjoyable to see this. Stop splitting us up. Unity is what we need, not division. Just look at what is going on with our politicians, dividing this country. Don’t let the Catholic Church add to this division, by segregating our Masses.

Keep the Mass in English, or better yet, return to Latin and community.


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