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The Government at Holy Cross High School

As the nation turns its attention to leadership at its highest levels, Holy Cross H.S., Flushing, looks at leadership closer to home. New members of the school’s student council took on the responsibility of leadership among their peers.

Standing from left to right are: Dimeji Bamishile, senior, senior class vice president; Delaney Warner, senior; Kenneth Mulvena, junior; Joel Rivera, senior; Moises Chamorro, junior; Preston Peck, senior, board president; Hamza Khamisa, junior; Alexander Soriano, junior class president; Edison Idrovo, junior class vice president; Ruaziaro DeBella, sophomore class vice president; and Vincent Lee, sophomore. Seated from left to right are: Brandon Silva, junior, board member; Matthew Modzelewski, junior, board second vice president; Luis Aviles, senior, board vice president; David Friedman, junior, board secretary; Jonathan Chery, senior; Thomas DeJunco, junior; James Wise, sophomore; William LeClair, sophomore class president; Tyrelle Hinton, senior, and John Zuluaga, senior.

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