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The Development Of Truth

Dear Editor: The theological disputes throughout history have served to elucidate and refine truth. In this sense, the process is dialectical and organic. Truth, as Jesus Christ, objectively is not a dialectic, nor is it static.

Paul Kreig (Readers’ Forum “The Gift of Absolute Truth,” Sept. 19) misunderstood my comment and the nature of eternal truth being revealed in history. Regardless of the difference in perspectives, it is unfortunate to note that he automatically stereotypes all progressive Catholics with one whom he perceives to be subverting Catholic morality, ridiculing the magisterial custodian of Catholic teaching and supporting abortion.


Plainview, L.I.

One thought on “The Development Of Truth

  1. A belief in the non-static nature of truth was the original sin of Adam and Eve Mr. Shih, and the evilness of a theologian who says that unborn children are nothing more than medical waste is not a matter of perception, unless it is a matter that you can’t see this for sharing the same evil disposition.