Letters to the Editor

The Choice Is Clear!

Dear Editor: I dislike hearing from Christans that they will not vote for either Clinton or Trump because they are both horrible. My statement: “So you think that Clinton or Trump are bad, but who is ‘badder’?” Yes, Trump is not as polished a politician as are the very smooth Clintons, but do you really want Mrs. Clinton to continue the policies of Obama? Did you forget about the Little Sisters of the Poor? Did you forget about the condoning of baby body parts for sale? Did you forget about the admiration both Obama and Mrs. Clinton have for the late Saul Alinsky?

This alone should help us make up our minds and forget what the columns of George Weigel kind of suggest concerning our not voting for a presidential candidate.

In addition, I commend what Mary Beekman wrote in her letter (Aug. 27) about  putting “your party before God’s laws.” The Democratic Party, of which I was once a member, has done little or nothing for the inner-city, young blacks who have no jobs. Do I have to remind you of the almost, daily murders that are occurring in Obama’s Chicago?  What does life in wombs of mothers or the quality of life in general mean to the new polished politicians of the once-noble Democratic Party of JFK? Little!

Perhaps it’s time to put a non-politician in the White House who loves his country more than those who love the millions of dollars that are now in the Clinton Foundation.


Bay Ridge