Letters to the Editor

The Business of Christmas

Dear Editor: The Tablet’s editorial (“Grinch of Starbucks,” Nov. 14) concerning Starbucks’ decision to dispense with anything suggesting Christmas on coffee cups should not interfere with our decision to celebrate Christmas Day.

The people who did this are searching for something resembling a religion that they can call their own. Joseph Bottum has written an interesting volume touching on the cultural divide that seems daily to afflict our country. His thesis is that a vague residue of religious sentiment survives as an ever more recognizable form of class-conscious secular humanism.

Bottom says this condition mainly afflicts the progeny of the great sects that once comprised mainline Protestantism, though Catholics are quickly catching up.

I must confess that before learning of Starbucks’ decision to go red, white and green, I was not disturbed. As a recent letter writer, Joe Muller, suggested capitalism is nothing if not dedicated to efficiency, and making money.

My first thought was that these cups might have arrived late for Columbus Day. Red, white and green. I can almost visualize the maneuvering in the boardroom:

How can we hide this embarrassment?

We can’t save them for next Columbus Day, and the red will not have turned to orange by what is it? That brand new one, oh what the devil is it? You know, inclusive and whatever… Besides, our customers will be looking for something green on the kind of day, and the flag thing is much too deep. They wouldn’t get it.

No, these cups have to be used now, right before the big one, you know, Black Friday. But, we’ve got to get it out in advance. Don’t treat it like a mistake. Make out that it was planned. Look, our base, they take coffee to stay up late at night. They are not, you know, church people. They’ll be lying in, in the morning. Look at it as a positive. We come out for “holiday” over, you know the other day. We’ll get as much free press as Trump.

Boss, don’t you think you’re going too far. I mean, how about a dartboard with Kim Davis’ face on it?

Good idea!

Boss! I was kidding.


Glastonbury, Conn.

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