Letters to the Editor

The Answer Lies in the Book of Genesis

Dear Editor: More on Darwinism: it doesn’t explain human language (“Getting Beyond Darwin,” Aug. 24). Animals have their own language which is limited to expressions regarding food, sex and emotional states such as alarm at the presence of a predator. But humans, having a rational soul with intellect and will, can communicate thoughts about art, philosophy, religion and morality.  Risibility the ability to laugh at incongruity, is something only humans have.

The point to remember is that human language arises from a social process.  We learned languages from our parents. They learned it from their parents, and so on down through the ages.  So the question arises as to where the first man, Adam got his language.

The answer lies in the Book of Genesis.  God made man out of the dust of the earth and breathed into him a human soul.  He placed man in the Garden of Eden and told him to name all the animals. Naming involves the linking of words or signs to types of things, which means knowing the essences of things which may or may not be physical. God, not evolution, gave Adam a language.

We do a disservice to ourselves by limiting our belief to only those things we can apprehend with our senses and limited imagination.  Let us not try to shoehorn supernatural things into the categories of modern science, but accept with humble faith what God has told us.

Adrian Calderone

Dyker Heights