Letters to the Editor

Terrorist Invaders?

Dear Editor: Recent articles regarding the caravans of illegal migrants present them as innocent women and children in eminent danger. Perhaps some are, but the facts indicate otherwise.

According to initial intelligence from the Department of Homeland Security, over 270 people were identified as having a gang or criminal background. Mexican authorities have pictures of some making Molotov cocktails. There were outsiders handing out cash to women to entice them to the front of the line for obvious reasons. All of these folks were offered asylum in Mexico.

Instead, they overran Mexican authorities. If they were in such eminent danger, they would have clung to safety in Mexico.

By forcing their way through Mexico, these folks demonstrate that they are in fact invaders without regard for the laws of their host country.

When “illegals” pass through to U.S. soil, they are given a court date and most don’t appear. If a citizen reader does not appear for a court date, he would be arrested and jailed! Our citizens won’t be made second class to invaders. Our government has the obligation to protect its citizens from criminals, terrorists and economic theft.