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Teaching on Abortion

Dear Editor: I read about Pope Saint Paul VI and his faith (The First Modern Pope, The Tablet, Oct. 20) and understood why he was so loved yet also hated by some. He was so filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke out on very unpopular subjects like contraception; and he was true to his faith.

A friend stated how outdated the Church is on contraception, yet when she and her husband wanted a child she spent thousands of dollars for a doctor who used a fancy medical term that was actual Natural Family Planning used by the Catholic Church.

I wonder what Pope Saint Paul VI and Pope Saint Paul II would say about our current state of abortion? Have you heard Pope Francis’ outrage about the millions of infants being aborted?

Shouldn’t we start with outrage at the destruction of human life? Where is the outcry from our priests at the Mass? President Trump has given you back your voices, but I hear nothing at Mass. I hear nothing about these aborted infants. Why?

These little angels have no voice but yours to speak for them, but you stay silent in the pulpits each Sunday.

When I read in the Readers Forum that an Italian Catholic was voting for Cuomo to be governor of NY, because he is Catholic and Italian, I was shocked he was unaware that Mr. Cuomo will push and approve abortion up to the birth of an infant if elected governor. Why didn’t a Catholic know that? The Church is silent on this subject. Nancy Pelosi goes to mass on Sunday and receives the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and she too will vote for abortion up to the birth of the infant. How can a priest put that host in her mouth?

Where is our Pope Francis’ direction, leadership and guidance on the subject of Abortion to the Church? Where is the Church’s Voice? Has it been abandoned by the Holy Spirit? Answer us, Pope Francis.



Editor’s Note: The Church has been and continues to be very clear in its condemnation of abortion. Pope Francis has repeatedly condemned abortion, most recently comparing it with “hiring a hitman,” a phrase that made headlines around the world.

One thought on “Teaching on Abortion

  1. Ms. Ganzos Letter of November 7th which complains about the silence in the pulpits of this diocese and Pope Francis ‘ rare references to the horrific problem of abortion, is totally correct. There is no dearth of messages from the church about climate change issues or the need to be kind to LBGT community members or requests to the state legislature for tax breaks for parochial school parents. These appeals are “safe” and sure not to alienate anyone in the pews. Meanwhile NYS is aborting close to 100,000 babies each year and we just re-elected a “Catholic” Governor who wants to double that number by legalizing abortion through all nine months, allowing non-physicians to perform most of those abortions and protecting abortionists from liability for failure to resuscitate babies born alive during an abortion.

    We should thank God for the Evangelicals of this country who are still unafraid to condemn abortion.

    The Catholic Church has changed the mission it was given by Christ to go into the world “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you”. The mission is now: “Can’t we all get along?”