Baby Jesus Beheaded Outside Diocese of Brooklyn Chancery

In what has emerged as the second act of vandalism in three days in the Diocese of Brooklyn, church officials are calling on the NYPD to increase its patrols around churches in Brooklyn and Queens in response to what they’re calling “a pattern of hate crimes against Catholics.”

McCarren Park Statue of Slain Polish Priest, Martyr Defaced

The NYPD launched an investigation Wednesday into the vandalism of a statue that memorialized Polish priest and martyr, Father Jerzy Popiełuszko, who was murdered in 1984 due to his work within Poland’s Solidarity movement.

The Target of Choice for Anti-Catholic Bigotry

As Christians, we need to recognize that racism is probably the most absolute negation of Jesus Christ’s message of love within our society. However, the attacks against churches can’t be dismissed as mere random occurrences, as they have been portrayed in the media. Catholics, may wonder what the vandals are trying to tell you when they tear down a statue of St. Junípero or even Jesus Christ.

Police Still Looking for Perp in Church MS-13 Graffiti

Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Bayside and its parish school were vandalized on Saturday evening, Jan. 11 by someone who spray painted the name of MS-13, an international street gang, by the main entrances of both the school and church, according to the church’s Facebook page.

Crime Spree Raises Issue of Security for Churches

The vandalism, which caused more than $10,000 in damages, was part a spate of crimes at Catholic churches in northern Brooklyn and southern Queens this past summer, raising the already pressing issue of how churches in the all-urban Diocese of Brooklyn can protect their buildings and property.