‘Eco-Nun’ Helps Brooklynites to Go Green

According to Sure We Can, since the Bottle Bill was implemented, container litter has reduced about 75 percent per year. About a third of its collections are water bottles.

For Decades, Jornadistas Evangelize at Caminata

On a solemn and early Holy Saturday along the empty streets of Williamsburg, emerged hundreds of Latino youth and young adults outside Transfiguration parish. They were assembling into the line of march on Marcy Ave. to display their faith in full force at the Caminata 2018.

Edith Martinez

Edith Martinez, the wife of Deacon German Martinez, of Transfiguration parish, Williamsburg, died May 23.

Sister Mary Ruth Hill, C.S.J.

Sister Mary Ruth Hill, C.S.J., a Sister of St. Joseph, Brentwood, L.I., for 79 years, died in Bishop Kearney Convent, Feb. 29.

Generations of Faith – First Disbursement

During the month of February, approximately one year after the launch of their campaigns, the first disbursement was released to these parishes so that they could begin work on campaign projects from their case for support.

Sister Margaret Jogues Ednie, C.S.J.

Sister Margaret Jogues Ednie, C.S.J., a Sister of St. Joseph, Brentwood, L.I., for 69 years, died at Maria Regina Residence in Brentwood on Nov. 2.