U.S. Border Bishops Stress Renewed Commitment to Welcome Migrants

The day after Title 42 expired, lifting pandemic public health restrictions that had limited border crossings into the United States, a group of bishops along the southwest U.S.-Mexico border said they “remain committed” to the Church’s efforts to welcome migrants.

Amid Uncertainty At Border, Women Religious Take Mother’s Day to A Migrant Shelter

Mexico, where some women found themselves facing an uncertain future, celebrated Mother’s Day May 10, much like other countries in Latin America where they came from. But far from home, with scarce funds, vulnerable and trying to understand what the May 11 changes to U.S. asylum policy would mean for them, Mother’s Day seemed distant in their memory.

Biden’s Vow of Humane Immigration System Unfulfilled, Advocates Say

Two years into President Joe Biden’s term, Catholic immigration leaders wonder what happened to his campaign trail pledge to create a more fair and humane immigration system. They say while some positive steps have been taken, the administration has been slow to act, increasingly political, and reliant on recycled ineffective policies. 

As Immigration Politics Play Out, Catholics at the Border Focus on People

While hoping for the best amid an appeal by the Biden administration of a district judge’s decision to end a controversial Trump-era measure allowing immediate expulsion of immigrants, advocates for new arrivals along the U.S.-Mexico border say their focus remains on the migrants they encounter.