Late Pope Benedict Remembered on First Anniversary of His Death

As an expression of ongoing affection and gratitude for the late Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis led tens of thousands of people in St. Peter’s Square in a round of applause for his predecessor on the first anniversary of his death.

Vatican Note on Blessing Same-Sex Couples Draws Mixed US Reaction

In the hours that followed release of a Vatican note outlining the pastoral grounds for same-sex blessings, reactions among American Catholics seemed to run the gamut from styling it as a major step forward to insisting on hitting the brakes, on the grounds that not much has really changed.

Pope Skips Speech to Rabbis, but Otherwise Maintains Schedule

Pope Francis Monday, Nov. 6, opted not to give a planned speech to a delegation of European rabbis, saying he was unwell, but maintained the rest of the day’s various audiences and gave all of his other prepared speeches, including some off-the-cuff remarks.

As Pope Meets LGBTQ+ Advocate, Prelate Credits Him for ‘Personal Conversion’

Archbishop Zbigņev Stankevičs of Riga, Latvia, a participant in this month’s Synod of Bishops on Synodality, has said homosexuals are called to live in chastity in accord with Church teaching, but credited Pope Francis for what he called his own “personal conversion” on the issue, becoming less judgmental.

Peter Paolo during his internship with the Holy See. (Photo: Courtesy of Peter Paolo)

Religious Internships Expose Young Catholics to Faith-Related Experiences

It will always be a point of pride for Peter Paolo that he interned at the United Nations headquarters this past summer. At age 22, he was able to overcome the initial awe he felt when he first walked into the hallowed halls of the famed intergovernmental peacekeeping organization and focus on holding down a job there.