Year of St. Joseph a Unique Opportunity To Seek Indulgences

History records very little about St. Joseph. But according to Pope Francis, the Gospel’s depictions of Jesus’ earthly father are potent examples of a loving family man and a solid worker entitled to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Only in Print: Tributes to St. Joseph

Images of St. Joseph can be found around the Diocese of Brooklyn in the form of statues, stained glass windows, even murals, as many churches have their own unique ways of paying tribute to the father of Jesus.

Teens Encounter Christ in Queens

It was two nights of spirit-filled prayer, praise and worship, testimonies, talks and fun entitled “Meet Me at the Well,” with youth members of a Queens deanery. The event took place in Jamaica on June 22.

Co-Cathedral Hosts ‘Rock-A-Thon’ for African Missions

A chilly Sunday morning wasn’t going to stop the determined volunteers who were rocking outside of St. Joseph’s Co-Cathedal, Nov. 4. That’s because for the second year in a row, the Prospect Heights faithful were going to put on a show for those who were willing to give a donation for the missions in Africa.