Sports Round-Up July 27

A handful of St. John’s University, Jamaica, current and former men’s basketball players are trying their hand at playing professional hoops around the world.

A New Level of Freedom

While reflecting on God’s wonderful gift of freedom to us in my last series of columns, I was reading with the students in my class on personalism at St. John’s University the book by Seymour Cain, “Gabriel Marcel.” Except for Thomas Aquinas, my favorite philosopher is Marcel. When as a young priest I first came upon Marcel’s philosophy, I was stunned by its depth and beauty.

Sports Round-Up April 20

Chris Mullin has resigned from his head coaching post after four seasons leading the St. John’s Red Storm.

St. John’s Priest Is a ‘Rock’ for Athletes

Father Richard Rock, C.M., is the campus minister for athletics at St. John’s. As a Vincentian, he weaves the college’s mission of serving the poor into his daily interactions with the Red Storm student-athletes.

Brothers and Sisters Hang with Students at St. John’s University

St. John’s University Campus Ministry sponsored its fourth annual Brothers/ Sisters’ Nite at the Sunday night student Mass on Sept. 16. The students saw, met, prayed and ate with Sisters and Brothers serving the Church locally. Representing a total of 30 congregations, 97 brothers and sisters gathered together in the University Church of St. Thomas More.

Let Them Speak: Out of Our Caves: How Hope Arises in Despair

It was truly a nightmare scenario. Images of a dark cavern lit up TV screens in every home, coffee shop and restaurant. As humanity watched with bated breath, the focus of the world turned to a remote jungle in the distant land of Thailand. Twelve boys and their coach were found alive after nine days without food or water.

Father Hung Xuan Cao

Father Hung Xuan Cao, 36, was born into a peasant farming family in central Vietnam.