The Experience of Awe And Wonder

In every philosophy course that I teach at St. John’s University, I start the course by pointing out to the students the distinction between a problem and a mystery as understood by the existentialist personalist philosopher, Gabriel Marcel. According to Marcel there were a number of important differences between a problem and a mystery.

Higher Education Faces Continued Changes in Post-Pandemic World

“Continued disruption in traditional teaching and learning.” That was among the predictions voiced by an international group of educators and researchers participating in “The Future of Higher Education,” an online seminar hosted May 3 by the Institute for International Communication at St. John’s University in Jamaica, Queens.

A New College Experience For Faculty and Students

As the current semester drew to a close at St. John’s University, green grass bloomed under blue skies on the Great Lawn of the school’s Jamaica, N.Y. campus. All that seemed to be missing were the typical throngs of students enjoying that kind of day.

Sleeves Up: Return To Campus Will Require Proof of Vaccination For Many

Before heading back to campus for the beginning of the fall semester, students at local Catholic colleges and universities may need a needle. St. John’s University has joined a growing list of schools requiring that its student body provide proof of vaccination before arriving on campus in the fall.

Something New on This Year’s Ballot

New Yorkers heading to the polls for the primary this June will find something completely different on their ballot — the chance to vote for more than one candidate running in the same race.