Local College Students Find Faith Revitalized at Eucharistic Congress

The trip from Jamaica, Queens, to upstate Auriesville in a three-row van took nearly five hours, but eight St. John’s University students, hand-picked by campus ministry because of their strong Catholic faith, didn’t mind: They were determined to experience the New York Eucharistic Congress.

Catholic Graduates Told to Make a Difference

New York’s Catholic college graduates were urged by a church leader, a cookbook author, and a music icon to build on their experiences by making a difference in today’s world. 

Biden’s ‘Unity’ Pledge ‘Still Polarizing’ to Many in U.S.

When President Joe Biden delivered his inauguration speech on Jan. 20, 2021, he used the word “unity” eight times. The first time he used it was to say it’s required “to restore the soul and to secure the future of America.” The last time he used it to say that “together, we shall write an American story … of unity, not division.” 

Bishop Brennan Gives Commencement Invocation at St. John’s, His Alma Mater

On May 20, 1984, 21-year-old Robert Brennan graduated summa cum laude during the commencement exercise at St. John’s University in Queens. Fast forward to May 21, 2023, and now Bishop Robert Brennan was back at St. John’s, but this time to give his first commencement invocation as the bishop of the diocese.

Teens Forgoing Social Media For Lent to Get Closer to God

Adriana Dorner admits that she checks her phone at least 50 times a day, mostly to look at her social media accounts like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. But Adriana, a senior at Midwood High School, is saying goodbye to all three for a while. She wants to give up social media for Lent.

Father Lauder Sees Movies as a Life Lesson for His Faith

The melding of philosophy and spirituality expressed in art — particularly movies — has turned Father Robert Lauder into a film aficionado. As a philosophy professor at St. John’s University he shows his classes his favorite movies, like “On the Waterfront,” and “A Man for All Seasons.” He wants students to consider if movies can “tell us something about God.”