B’hurst Christmas Spectacular Was Dedicated to Children

The Italian-American community and members of nonprofit organization Associazione Culturale Pugliese at St. Athanasius parish, Bensonhurst, celebrated its 15th annual Christmas Spectacular during a bilingual festive night filled with a narrated play, guest singers and cultural dancers Dec. 15.

Array of Hope at St. Athanasius

On October 12th, St. Athanasius Church held an “Array of Hope” Concert to celebrate the 105th Anniversary of the Church.

Blessing of the Bikes

Riding season is in full swing and that can only mean one thing in Bensonhurst – the annual Blessing of the Bikes at St. Athanasius Church.

Priesto! God Can Make Your Sins Disappear

Evangelization with a little abracadabra. St. Athanasius parish in Bensonhurst hosted Father Jerry Jecewiz’s “Priesto” and his magic act as part of its Lenten celebration. The priest-magician combines magic tricks with an important message.

A Filipino Fiesta with Little Jesus

A Filipino Fiesta with Little Jesus; St. Francis Catholic Singles; The Sisterhood of Catholic Women and Adolescents; The Sisters in Faith of St. Athanasius, Bensonhurst; Feast Day of St. John Bosco Bensonhurst Youth Cluster Style; Angelic Service

St. Athanasius Catholic Academy

St. Athanasius Catholic Academy’s mission is to provide an atmosphere where students’ intellectual abilities and talents are fully developed. Through various experiences, it is the Bensonhurst academy’s conviction to enable students to encounter Christ in every aspect of their lives.

Dressed for the Season

St. Athanasius, Bensonhurst, hosted its annual Halloween party in the school hall.

Astoria Parish Retreat

October is Respect Life Month. This week’s Tablet TALK invites readers to participate in a pro-life prayer vigil, highlights upcoming fundraisers for the Life Center of New York and Mercy Home, and much more.

Bensonhurst Streets Share The Sorrows of Our Lady

Balloons, confetti and shouts of “Viva Maria,” marked the 10th annual feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, also known as Maria Santissima Addolorata, on the streets of Bensonhurst last Saturday.