The Task of Proclaiming His Message

In recent weeks, all of us have been horrified by the incomprehensible acts of violence perpetrated by terrorists and others who have taken the lives of innocent people, young and old alike. Suicide bombings in Sri Lanka took place on Easter Sunday as Christians gathered together to celebrate the Risen Lord. Six days later, a gunman opened fire on Jewish people in a San Diego synagogue. These acts challenge the faith of all good people.Nevertheless, the hand of God was seen in the actions of some who have responded to the occasion with courage and goodness.

Anti-Catholic Hate Crimes

Dear Editor: It is astonishing some commentators have called the people in the Sri Lanka Easter massacre ‘Easter Worshippers’ (“Easter Attacks on Churches in Sri Lanka Are Tragic, but Hardly Surprising,” April 27).

Pope Makes a Surprise Visit to Buddhist Temple

By Anto Akkara MAKOLA, Sri Lanka (CNS) – When Pope Francis made a surprise visit to a prominent Buddhist temple in Colombo Jan. 14, the head of the Maha Bodhi Society of Sri Lanka reciprocated by showing the pope historical relics of Buddhas’ disciples, normally exposed only for the annual Buddhist feast in May. “The […]

First Sri Lankan Saint Is Symbol of Harmony

Canonizing Sri Lanka’s first saint, who ministered to Catholics under persecution three centuries earlier, Pope Francis proclaimed what he called the “fundamental human right” of religious freedom.

Pope Francis Visits Sri Lanka

Pope Visits Sri Lanka, On Way to Philippines

By Francis X. Rocca COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (CNS) – Arriving in Sri Lanka, a country recovering from two-and-a-half decades of ethnic and religious civil war, Pope Francis said reconciliation would require its people to explore their painful recent history and accept persistent differences within their multicultural society. “The process of healing also needs to include the […]