The Greatest Resurrection Gift

by Sister Ave Clark, O.P.

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL season Easter is – a time to sing joyously, Alleluia Alleluia! But I’ve been singing with some tears this Easter season for my dear friend Arthur.

Muslims Respect History Of Revered Sacred Site

It’s quiet and dark in the cavernous gallery above Jesus’ burial place. Raed Khalil and his team of trained restorers have been methodically cleaning off centuries of soot and dirt from 39 ancient mosaics and two carved marble pieces.

George Weigel

Themes for Surviving “Ordinary Time”

I’M FORTUNATE TO hear good preaching on a regular basis. But even the best Catholic preaching leans far more toward moral exhortation than biblical exposition. This strikes me as a missed opportunity. For if one of the tasks of preaching today is to help the people of the Church “see” the world and our lives more clearly by piercing through the regnant fog of cultural confusion, then there’s no substitute for expository preaching that digs into the biblical text, unpacks it and shows how it provides a unique optic on the here-and-now.

Sister Karen Cavanagh

Rejoice in the Resurrection

We, Easter people, witness that we are saved and redeemed by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the services, rituals and Eucharists of just this week alone, we find that meaning reinforced and dramatized.

Carol Powell

The Challenge of the Resurrection

The Lord is Risen! Alleluia! Alleluia! Death and destruction is swallowed up in victory. For a while, evil seemed to thrive but the Risen Lord sends out His spirit on all humankind. Now the Word can become flesh in us, if we allow it.