Life is Non-Negotiable

Once again, the March for Life in Washington, D.C., has proven to our nation and the world that Americans value life, from conception to natural death. The Pro-Life March was bolstered by the video appearance of President Donald Trump, marking the first time that a U.S. President has spoken in person to the gathered crowds.

Pro-Lifers Share Same Quest For Civil Rights as MLK, says Cardinal Dolan

“We will not give-up,” said Cardinal Dolan, “that reason and the grand American tradition enshrined in our foundational documents are on our side, and that our love for babies, their struggling moms and dads, and our passion for a society to assist and protect all vulnerable life will keep us at it, because, to borrow my brother pastor’s refrain, ‘We shall overcome!’”

A Pro-Trump Paper?

Dear Editor: I was surprised at the amount of space that you gave to the pro-life march in Washington, but on the other hand I did not find any information regarding the discrimination of Muslim-born immigrants practically until I got to the middle of the newspaper.