Francis Was Joyful After Meeting Russian Patriarch

Though their differences are recognizable and real, Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow emphasized their obligation as Christians and as bishops to encourage collaboration among Christians and charity for all who suffer.

Pope Warns Clergy About Snares of Devil

MORELIA, Mexico (CNS) – The devil loves Christians – especially priests and nuns – who are resigned to the violence and corruption around them, Pope Francis said.

Pope in Mexico Offers Reality Check to Church

One thing about Pope Francis is that he doesn’t mince words. He speaks directly to people and to problems and he offers practical solutions. No papal platitudes. No guessing where he stands. And while his words may have been spoken this past week in Mexico, they offer a reality to the Church around the globe. Just ask the Bishops of Mexico whom he addressed as a body in Mexico City last weekend. He spoke candidly about pitfalls that can tempt the clergy and he offered sound advice on how to avoid such problems.

Queens Parish Hosts Telecast of Papal Mass

Though thousands of miles away from Mexico City, Latin American faithful in Queens were able to follow the papal Mass live from the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe Feb. 13. Braving freezing cold temperatures, about 350 parishioners gathered at Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish, Jamaica, to watch the Mass broadcast through NET-TV.

El Paso Diocese Ready for Papal Rendezvous

Two days before Pope Francis’ main event in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, the Diocese of El Paso was coordinating the final touches to its own two papal events.

At Children’s Hospital, Pope Prescribes ‘Kindness Therapy’

A little bit of kindness can go a long way when recovering from illness, Pope Francis told a group of young patients. “Not only medicine but also ‘kindness therapy’ can make you live your time here with greater joy,” the pope said Feb. 14.

In Crime-Plagued Periphery, Pope Preaches Conversion

Pope Francis began his travels to Mexico’s “peripheries” by visiting an overcrowded, sprawling settlement known internationally as a hunting ground for girls to force into prostitution and for boys to enlist in the drug trade.