Lessons from Mexico For the World’s Youth

“When everything seems too much, when it seems that the world is crashing down around you, embrace his cross, draw close to him and please, never let go of his hand; please, never leave him,” Pope Francis said.

Laws About Immigration

Dear Editor: Mr. Gange is correct when he writes (Liberals v. Conservatives, Feb. 17) that “(the Church) does not deny the right of the United States of America to have immigration laws.” However …

Covering the Pope in Mexico

Pope Francis’ recent pilgrimage to Mexico produced so many poignant images of the faith and devotion of the Mexican people. Nuestra Voz Editor Jorge Dominguez shares the moments he captured with Tablet readers.

‘No More Death, No More Exploitation,’ Pope Says at U.S.-Mexico Border

Speaking from the symbolic platform of the U.S.-Mexico border, Pope Francis pleaded for the plight of immigrants while warning those refusing to offer safe shelter and passage that their actions and inhospitable attitudes were bringing about dishonor and self-destruction as their hearts hardened and they “lost their sensitivity to pain.”

In Silence, Pope Remembers Those Who Cross Mexican-U.S. Border

At the border of Mexico and the United States, Pope Francis blessed a large cross in memory of all the people who have crossed the frontier. The pope said nothing Feb. 17, but he clasped his hands tightly in prayer and bowed his head in silent prayer. He left a bunch of flowers on a table in front of the cross.

Stop Slavery; Negotiate Wages, Working Conditions, Pope Urges Mexicans

God will hold humanity responsible for enslaving the poor and treating people as less important than profits, Pope Francis told Mexican workers and business leaders. “What kind of world do we want to leave our children?” the pope asked Feb. 17 during a meeting in Ciudad Juarez with 3,000 people representing the “world of work” in a border town known for its factories ­– maquiladoras – offering low-wage jobs.

Pope Tells Mexican Prisoners Society Needs System of ‘Social Health’

Pope Francis urged society to rethink its ideas of locking up inmates and throwing away the key, calling such an approach another symptom of the “throwaway culture” he often decries and “a symptom of a culture that has stopped supporting life, of a society that has abandoned its children.”

Pope Appeals Heart, Soul In Mexico

Austen Ivereigh discusses how Pope Francis has spent his Feb. 12-17 visit seeking to bolster the Church for mission, while urging Mexicans to seek solutions to their many challenges by drinking deep from the wells of their own traditions.

Mexicans Show Mercy, Hospitality to US Pilgrims

As soon as Rosa and Sergio Siller heard Pope Francis was visiting Ciudad Juarez, they knew they had to visit. The couple led a group of pilgrims from Sacred Heart parish in Phoenix to Sergio Siller’s hometown, the last stop on Pope Francis’ Feb. 12-17 visit to Mexico.